Other Projects


Growth Spurt. (2009-2011) A one-hour drama pilot. Nine high school freshmen in the late 1990’s navigate the socio-political atmosphere of their San Francisco private school, dealing with their burgeoning sexuality and the impact of their family lives on their in-school reputations. Their various story strands, all seemingly separate, intertwine towards the end during a perceived homophobic attack on another student, showing that everyone’s individual actions contribute to a greater whole.  Funny, poignant, and, despite its time period, chillingly timely. Registered with the WGA. Read the first act.

Perfect Me. (2010) A half-hour comedy pilot. Carly Dobbins is a sham life coach, spreading her message of luxury and artifice to vapid wealthy housewives throughout Los Angeles. However, behind her icily beautiful facade lies a cruel sociopath, toying with the lives of her clients and her dim-witted life-coaches-in-training for her own amusement. However, when a new client arrives in the form of a stressed-out fashion buyer, Carly sees the life that she truly wants, and sets out to take over her new client’s identity. An extremely dark comedy that is, in a strange way, “Sex and the City” meets “Single White Female.” Registered with the WGA. Read a sample.

Melotrauma. (2009) A short film. A late night in an emergency room waiting area reveals the banality and ridiculous nature of some fairly horrific accidents. Read the American version of the script or the British version of the script.


Romance. (2009) A short play. A trip through the romantic history of one young man, focusing on sexual development and how this plays into his idea of masculinity.


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